Yellow Fence Rentals

4×10 , 6×10 and 8×10 Temporary Fence Panels

Panels have 1″ square tube frame with 2×4 “anti-climb mesh”. Each panel is painted a highly visible safety yellow with reflective strips added to ensure safety on site. Gates can be located anywhere on the fence line for easy access to the site.

Reflective Fence

Fences can be setup on any surface, and can be secured to the ground with concrete anchors or stakes. Our panels can even be installed as swing gates for access of up to 20′ across.

Our temporary mesh panels are perfect for a variety of different uses and there design makes them easy and fast to erect. Our fences are very versatile making them appropriate for various uses.

Privacy Screening
Privacy screening in a variety of colours and transparencies is available for sale or rental. The most common colours are Black or Green. Screening is available in 300 foot rolls or 6×10 sheets that are hemmed with grommets.

Clamps and Banding

Each individual temporary fence panel can be fastened to the next with galvanized clamps for a per-unit fee. Metal banding and wire tying panels together is also available as an alternative to bolt on clamps.

Custom Bases

Situations arise where Yellow Fence standard bases will not be the optimal solution. Our in-house manufacturing facility can custom fabricate bases to suit any need.


Each fence panel configured as a swinging gate to allow vehicle access. Wheels are available for rent to attach to the fence panels to make swinging the gate open and closed an easier process.

Anchors and Stakes

A variety of anchors and stakes are available for a per-unit fee. Each fence base has a hole punched to accomodate concrete anchors or wooden stakes.

Yellow Fence Rentals. Yellow Fence Rentals has quickly established a solid reputation as the best choice for temporary rental fence panels and disposal bins in the Vancouver area - from Whistler to Hope and on Vancouver Island.


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